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NU 412/413: RN to BSN


When you begin a research project for a nursing class you are doing more than just reiterating scientific findings. The research process requires that you are able to:

  1. consider questions or problems in your field that are unresolved as a focus for your project
  2. articulate the question or problem you will explore
  3. find relevant arguments in sources that inform or challenge your perspectives
  4. analyze and evaluate those sources
  5. through engagement with sources, create something new to add to the conversation regarding the initial problem or question

Some considerations when thinking about your research question:

  • You are not looking for sources that provide the answer to your question, instead the answer is something you will create as part of this process.
  • Not every topic has been researched and/or published in the literature.
  • Be flexible. Consider broadening or narrowing the topic if you are getting a very small number or an overwhelmingly large number of results when you search the library databases.  
  • Discuss your topic with your instructor and be willing to alter your topic according to the guidance you receive.

You should know...

As you begin your research assignments for NU 412/413, it is natural to feel uncertain about choosing a research topic and finding appropriate sources of evidence. Your background at this stage often differs from the typical experienced researcher, so remember to consider the entire process to be an opportunity to learn, ask questions, and discover new ideas and ways of thinking. A research assignment will not be a straightforward series of tasks that you complete seamlessly and chronologically from beginning to end, but instead it will present many unexpected challenges, interruptions, and possibilities. Remember to be flexible and ask us if you have any questions!