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EN 148 Texting: Language or Laziness


       Research is essential to your learning experiences in college. As part of the research process, you will ask questions, confront new ideas, and imagine creative approaches to problems.

       The process begins with a question or problem that is unresolved or that you feel needs to be explored. Everything you read about the problem or learn through course assignments and lectures will present perspectives and arguments for you to consider. Some of these may be different than your own perspectives and beliefs.

       Engaging with these ideas requires curiosity, imagination, and analysis on your part. When you are ready to contribute your own ideas in conversation with these other sources, you will be fully engaged in the research process.

       Scholars participate in research in order to create new knowledge. The process looks different depending on the scholarly community or discipline you find yourself in. Remember that every community and every conversation needs new voices and perspectives, so as a researcher you have a responsibility to interrogate existing arguments and create your own unique contribution through research.

       The video below describes in further detail your potential role in this process.   

Research is a Conversation