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BSM 410: Corporate Strategy Planning


The assignment for this course involves researching a company and answering questions about strategic planning. As part of this process, you will investigate the history, financials, and products of the company assigned to you. In addition to browsing the company's web site, you will search the internet and the library's resources for the company's name combined with key terms such as competitors, strategic plan, product development, etc. to find articles and other relevant information. 

Reference Materials

The library owns a number of company directories which offer short informative entries for thousands of U.S. companies. Below are some helpful directories (books located in the Reference Collection will have the abbreviated Ref. printed on the spine of the book above the call number).

  • Company Profiles for Students. Detroit: Gale. 1999. CALL NUMBER: HG4057.A155 –1999
  • Corporate Directory. Gaithersburg, MD: Cambridge Information Group Directories. 2004. CALL NUMBER: HG4057 .A156 2011
  • Standard & Poor’s Register of Corporations, Directors and Executives. New York, Standard & Poor’s Corp.1999. CALL NUMBER: HG4057 .A4 1999

Annual Reports

Companies that are on a stock exchange produce an annual report each year. It is a comprehensive report that discloses to shareholders important company activity such as finances, operations, market segment, and future programs such as new product development. To find an annual report, a good place to start is the company's web site. 

  • Annual Reports - an easy-to-search web site that is designed for investors.
  • EDGAR - from the SEC, tax filings for public companies can be searched here by the exact company name or by the company's ticker symbol on the stock exchange.EDGAR lists annual reports  as 10-K documents. Consider also quarterly reports which are 10-Q documents.