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BSM 202: Business Communication


The assignment for BSM 202 requires the interview of a working professional. As such, this research guide presents research framed by three topics - industry, company, and career - to prepare for that interview and to create a meaningful report of that meeting.

To understand how a company you need to consider also the company's industry. The library's resources offer current information on different industries in the form of news wires, trade journals, industry reports, and business forecasts. From this information you may discern trends, find statistics, and better understand competitors. Government information from the helpful websites can also help you understand an industry's landscape. 

Under the Company Information tab, you can find specialized databases to learn more about specific organizations. The company's own web site will provide very useful information. 

Career information focuses on the occupational information that is not in the context of a particular employer. These resources focus on career planning, interviewing, and trends in hiring and salaries in the United States and regionally.