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Faculty Information: CelticOnline and Library Resources


To post a link to an article from a library database into a CelticOnline course site, complete the following steps once you've found the article you'd like to link:

Step 1

For any EBSCOhost Database

  • Have the detailed record open (click on the article title) for the complete citation. On the right hand side of the detailed record, click on the icon for Permalink.
  • When you click on the Permalink icon, the permalink web address will appear over the article title near the top of the page. Select and copy the entire address then proceed Step 2 in this guide.
  • An example of an entire web address is:

For any ProQuest Database

  • Click and view the complete citation of the article. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to select and copy the web address that is listed next to Document URL then proceed to Step 2 of this guide.

  • An example of the entire web address is:

Other Library Databases

There are a few library databases that are not listed above. If you are using a database that is not listed, it is recommended that you direct students to the library's website, the name of the database (such as Global Road Warrior), and the search terms they should enter rather than directly linking to the article. 

Step 2

  • Once you have copied the web address from the database, login to your CelticOnline course site and select the Add File/Link/External Tool option under the Add Materials menu. 

  • A small box will appear and select Link. 

  • Enter in the title of the article in the Name field.
  • In the URL field, paste in the link that you copied from the database. 
  • Click the Add button.
  • Students will now see a link to the article when they open your course on CelticOnline. 


When this link is selected from within your CelticOnline course site, the student will be directed to login through the off-campus access page with their Carlow Active Directory username and password. After logging in s/he will be taken directly to the article. If the student is on campus, they will be taken directly to the article without having to login. 

There are two ways in which students can access Electronic Reserve (E-Reserve) materials.  The first way is for them to go to the Grace Library’s webpage and click on the E-Reserves box.  More information about this method can be found on the Library Research guide page entitled Electronic Reserves.

The second way is for a faculty member to add a link within their Blackboard class site directly to the Grace Library E-Reserves.  The following takes you through the steps necessary to do this:

Add Link to Your Course Site

1. Log into CelticOnline and open your course site.

2. Under the Add Materials menu, select Add File/Link/External Tool.

3. A small box will appear and select Link.

4. Enter in "Grace Library E-Reserves" into the Name field.

5. In the URL field, enter in the E-Rerves link -

6. Click the Add button.

7. Students will now see a Grace Library E-Reserves link when they open your course site on CelticOnline. 

This will take students to a list of all courses that have e-reserves for the current semester. Simply click on the course ID/title which will then prompt students for a password provided by you.  We suggest putting your class’s E-Reserve password on their syllabus.

As a reminder, please give the library any materials that you wish to place on E-Reserves as soon as possible.  Materials are scanned and uploaded in the order of submission. 

More information on submitting E-Reserve materials can be found on the Electronic Reserves information page or call 412-578-6139 and a library staff member will be happy to discuss E-Reserves with you.